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How much do you know about condoms?

Condom is a non-oral drug that physically prevents the contact between the penis and the uterus and prevents the combination of sperm and egg, thereby preventing pregnancy. In addition, condoms also prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea and AIDS. . With the integration of the global economy and culture, the Chinese people’s concept is becoming more and more open, and Chinese people are increasingly using condoms.Condom development3,000 years ago in ancient Egypt, the earliest form of condoms appeared. This was a kind of ornament called a “condom sleeve”. Wearing a penis sleeve, it was considered a status symbol. Ancient myths and legends confirm the existence of ancient condoms from the side. According to legend, the cursed Minos's semen contains snakes and scorpions. In order to protect his sexual partners, Minos uses a goat's bladder as a female condom. .The emergence of modern condoms dates back to the 17th century in the United Kingdom. King Condor of the British King Charles II was inspired by the swelled fish, used it on his penis to prevent pregnancy, and dedicated this "invention" to Charles II. He was called "Happy Inventions." "The modern condom was born of this. This also explains why condoms are called "Condom" in English. After this, the constellation of fish gills has undergone continuous improvement, using a softer and lighter cecum of the lamb. After special processing, its shape is close to that of modern condoms.At the same time, in almost the same period, syphilis was brought into Europe and spread among the nobles and the army. Everyone talked about the "Mei" discoloration. In order to prevent the spread of the disease, the Italian doctor Luo Pio invented a condom made of flax and used it extensively in the nobility and the army. Therefore, some people use this as the origin of modern condoms. However, regardless of whether the inventor of modern condoms was Condeme or Rompaud, the two major roles of condoms have been indisputable facts.Until the 19th century, vulcanized rubber condoms appeared. By the end of the 19th century, the emergence of natural latex had once again made a qualitative leap in the development of condoms. With the rapid development of science and technology, there are many types of condoms today, and they are even lighter, more comfortable and safer.Condom industry market size According to the "China Sex Toys Industry Development Prospects Survey and Investment and Financing Strategy Study Report for 2017-2022" released by the China Industry and Business Research Institute, China currently sells between 100 and 20 billion condoms with a market size of approximately US$1.8 billion. China's condom sales will grow from 12.8 billion in 2015, with a value of 1.9 billion US dollars in growth of 5.2 billion in 2024, a compound annual growth rate of 8.1%. There are hundreds of condom companies in China. The total output is between 15 billion and 18 billion, and the output is surplus. However, at the same time, China still needs to import a large number of condoms. According to statistics, about one billion condoms are imported each year in China, and the import amount is about 3-4 billion US dollars.Condom industry chainCondom raw materials are usually made of natural rubber or polyurethane, flavors, colors, and packaging materials.Condoms are classified according to sex and can be divided into male condoms and female condoms. Most of the male condoms in the market can be subdivided into delayed condoms, fruity condoms, alien condoms, fluorescent condoms, and non-latex condoms.1, delay type condomThe principle of delayed condoms is to reduce the sensitivity of male genitalia. The delay type jacket is to add chemical drugs that reduce the sensitivity of the male genitalia inside the jacket, without changing the size and thickness of the jacket, both experience and application, different manufacturers use the delay agent is not the same .2, fruity condomsThis kind of condom is to add some strange fruit flavor to the condom through the flavor, and it is also a way to enhance the fun. There are also some jasmine and rose scent that can reduce some people's antipathy to the sheath or rubber.3, shaped condomsAlien condoms are a category of “eye openers” in all sets. The overall point of view is mainly floating point and thread. The design of these condoms is nothing more than to increase friction by adding “foreign bodies” to the condoms to enhance the stimulation of women.4, fluorescent condomsTaiwan manufacturers produce more of these condoms. In fact, they add some light-emitting chemicals to the normal condoms, making the condoms emit little light in the dark. However, we all know that general photic agents contain phosphorus and are harmful to the human body, so this condom is not suitable for long-term use.5, non-latex condomsAs we mentioned before, the basic condoms on the market today are latex, but some are natural and some are synthetic.

Double One Participate in Shanghai Exhibition

During 25th November to 27th November 2015, the 2015 Global Private Label Fair had started in Shanghai. Double One, which has owned so many private brands, was honored to be part of such a great event.     The Shanghai exhibition had attracted so many famous retailers from all over the world, which had improved the level of the exhibition. Fortunately, Double One has just settled the company growing strategy of multi-brands, so this exhibition wan such a good chance to show the achievement of our strategy and our company.


Condoms are a really important part of having safer sex—whether it’s oral, anal, or penis-in-vagina (PIV). If you use them correctly every single time, you can take charge of your own sexual health AND protect your partner.But using condoms isn’t as simple as you might think. In one study, 35% of college-aged guys said that a condom had slipped off or broken during sex. While accidents happen, they’re much less likely to occur if you use condoms the right way.Condoms protect you from many sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and help prevent pregnancy.  Since it only takes one accident to get an STI or become or get someone else pregnant, it’s important to use condoms correctly every single time you have sex.Here’s everything you need to know about condoms.1. You can get condoms anywhere and everywhere, at any age.You can buy condoms at most drug stores, grocery stores, gas stations, bodegas, and even online. You can also get them for free at many schools, community health centers, doctor’s offices, and of course here at Mount Sinai Adolescent Health Center.There is no age requirement to buy condoms, so you don’t have to worry about having an ID.2. You need to store them properly.Condoms will become less effective if they get too hot or cold. This means that it’s a bad idea to store condoms in your glove compartment, bathroom cabinet, refrigerator, or anywhere that gets direct sunlight.Don’t store condoms in your wallet. The friction damages the condom and can tear the wrapper. If you do put a condom in your wallet, only do it the day that you think you’ll use it.Don’t store condoms near sharp objects, like scissors or needles. Instead, keep them in your nightstand or another cool, dry place.3. Condoms expire.Every condom has an expiration date on the wrapper. Check it before you open it. Do NOT use it if it’s past the expiration date. Throw away condoms that have expired.4. There’s a right way to open a condom.Do NOT use your teeth or scissors to open condoms. It’s very easy to accidentally tear or cut the condom. Instead, feel where the condom is inside the package, and open the wrapper with your hands.5. Putting condoms on the right way is more complicated than you think.Only put condoms on an erect (or hard) penis. You can also use condoms on vibrators, dildos, or other toys.Make sure you put the condom on right side out. If you place the condom on your hand, it should look like a small sombrero. The rim should be on the outside. It should roll easily onto the penis—if there’s resistance, throw the condom out and get a new one.Pinch the tip of the condom. There needs to be enough room for the ejaculate (or come).Roll the condom on to the penis, to the base.If you need some help remembering, use the acronym OPRaH: Open, Pinch (the tip), Roll (down the penis), and Hold (at the base).6. There’s a right way to take off condoms.Hold on to the base of the condom while the penis (or toy) is being withdrawn. This keeps the condom from slipping off. Take off the condom BEFORE the penis loses its erection (or goes soft). Take the condom off away from your partner, so there’s no chance of spilling any ejaculate on them. Tie the end of the condom, wrap it in a tissue or paper towel, and throw it in a trashcan. Do NOT flush it down the toilet—that will only clog it. Do not reuse condoms.7. Do NOT use oil-based lube.Oil-based lube and latex do NOT mix. The oil breaks down the latex. Use water- or silicone-based lube instead. We talk more about what lube is and how to use it here.8. NEVER double bag.Using two condoms at the same time creates friction and makes it much more likely that the condom will break.9. Use condoms EVERY time, for every sex act.Condoms need to be used correctly EVERY time you have sexual contact in order to effectively prevent pregnancy and protect yourself from STIs. Forgetting any of the above steps makes condoms less effective. This can be hard when you’re just excited about being with someone—and especially if you drink or use drugs. This is why we always recommend using an additional form of birth control.10. Condoms don’t prevent every STI.Condoms are a great tool to prevent the spread of HIV, gonorrhea, Chlamydia, and trichomoniasis.  It also helps prevent the spread of genital herpes and syphilis, IF the infected site is covered by the condom. However, herpes and HPV can be spread even if there are no visible symptoms. This is why we recommend that EVERYONE (including boys) get the HPV vaccine.Remember: Even if you use condoms carefully, you can still get STIs. Routine STI testing is still an important part of your sexual health.11. People with vaginas can use condoms, too!Lots of people don’t realize that there’s more than one kind of condom. Some people who have vaginas feel more in control of their sexual health if they use condoms themselves. Internal condoms (also called female condoms) are used by people with vaginas.