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Red household latex gloves

Red household latex gloves

  Latex household gloves
  Natural high grade latex
  Hand specific,beaded cuff
  The gloves shall maintain their properties when stored away from light and humidity
  5 year from the date of manufacturing

Red household latex gloves

  Color  Red
  Size  S/M/L
  Weight(g)Pair  68/71/74
  Length(mm)      300
  Thickness(mm)  0.50
  Width(mm)  92/97/105

The latex household gloves is the protective umbrella of your hands,it prevents your hands from touching the detergent directly,or hurt by the external environment.It is strongly recommended to wear latex gloves during housework.

Our gloves are made of 100% natural latex imported from Thailand,comply with FDA food grade,ISO and CE standard,friendly to environment  and good to health.

Application:Office cleaning,household cleaning,flower planting,food processing,Utensil cleaning,kitchen cleaning.

With more than 60 years' professional experience,Double One gloves are designed with unique ergonomics,made by refined rubber latex and high-density dipping technology,with characteristics of comfort to wear,steadiness of grabbing,better flexible and durable.

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